my story...


Defeated, Exhausted, Overworked, Under-appreciated, and Completely Deflated. Words I used-to to describe myself.

There was nothing left to give, leading to anxiety and panic attacks, chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and lack of sleep.
I had hit rock bottom! The way I was feeling was straining my marriage and causing tension in our whole family.
This is not the mom and wife I had envisioned being!

I kept falling deeper into this dark hole. I knew there was so much more, but I didn’t have the tools to get there.
I did all the conventional things you could think of to feel better: Motrin, Vitamins, Chiropractors, and MANY different specialist-who didn’t seem to listen or really care. This lead to perscriptions which in turn lead to other and even more serious side effects!
People would say: "You have so much to be grateful for", "Be positive", "Fake it till you make it", "Things will get better", "You are doing such a great job" and "Stop being so hard on yourself".
But the truth is….
It wasn’t until I found regular Self-care, Essential oils, Massage, Meditation, and Life Coaching that I started to notice a real difference in my life. 
I felt ALIVE!!!
I had so many people that depended on me, so it was not easy to put myself first. But when I made the choice to show up and say "YES" to myself, I found it made me a better mom, wife, massage therapist and life coach! 

I want to help you find balance in your life, to love yourself again, and to help you take a look at the patterns in your life, that may be responsible for the pain in your body. Finding this balance in my own life has made helping you possible, because YOU CAN live a life that you enjoy!!!


My Family

My wonderful, supportive husband Matt and I have been married for 5 years! 

And our awesome kids Macy and Luis!


Things I Can't Live Without

My family, Animals (my fur babies Roscoe, Dusty + Penny), Essential Oils, Being by Water, Going for walks, Reading, Starbucks, Target, Board Games with my family, Music, Boating, Campfires, Regular Massage and Yoga